Tax Collector

  • Agreement to Start an Installment Plan on Prior Year Delinquent Taxes

    Please note: Electronic filing alone is not sufficient to complete this process.

    To complete the Installment Plan Agreement application in its entirety:

    - The completed form must be printed and signed.

    - Contact the county for your initial payment. Payment must be 20% or more of the prior year's delinquent amount.

    - Include a $60 processing and maintenance fee to initiate the installment plan.

    - Mail or hand-deliver the completed form with payment to our offices.

    Per Revenue & Taxation Code ยง4217(b)(2)

  • Lender Access Request

    Complete this form to obtain a Public Access account. Once your request has been submitted, please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

  • Transient Occupancy Tax Registration

    Please have your Assessment Number (Property ID) for your rental property prior to completing this application. The assessment number is a ten-digit identifier found on your tax bill. Don't have your Assessment Number handy? You can use the Tax Search to look up the assessment number by the property address.