Assessor - Business Personal Property

  • BOE-576-D - Vessel Property Statement

    A report on BOE-576-D is required of you by section 441(a) of the Revenue and Taxation Code (Code). The statement must be completed according to the instructions and filed with the Assessor on or before April 1. Failure to file it on time will compel the Assessor to estimate the value of your property from other information in the assessor’s possession and add a penalty of 10 percent as required by Code section 463.

  • BOE-577 - Aircraft Property Statement

    Pursuant to California Revenue and Taxation Code section 5362, the Assessor of the county in which an aircraft is habitually situated shall assess the aircraft at its market value. The Assessor’s records indicate that you are the owner of the aircraft identified on page 1 of this form. In accordance with section 5365, you are required to complete this form according to the instructions. Pursuant to section 5367, failure to return this form by the specified due date will require the Assessor to add a 10% penalty to the market value of your aircraft.